Francesco Canessa

Latest projects

Try passenger Docker

Example setup of a docker container running passenger mounting a roda/rack app



Coder "portfolio" site based on github graphql api

Ruby CSS

Bw hackathon

Blockchain Week Hackathon '16-17 slides - intro to Bitcore-lib, OP_Return, solidity via Remix and Metamask

javascript hackathon presentation samplecode Ruby HTML

Nginx proxy

Simple entry-point nginx proxy - Configure it via a single environment variable

HTML Shell


Ethereum vanity address "generator" written in golang.

vanity-addresses ethereum cli Go

Roda HAML boilerplate Bulma

Roda HAML boilerplate with bulma.css instead of milligram.css

Ruby CSS

ETH Kovan deploy

Deploy a contract and call it on Kovan using web3v1, and


ETH wallet presentation

Ethereum Presentation: Create a Wallet with web3.js

Ruby Shell

ETH sweep tool

Sweep all the Ethereum addresses balances imported from a 12 words mnemonic - Status: Alpha - Refactoring is needed


React sb simple setup

React Simple Setup based on @SharifsBeat sample code

JavaScript HTML

Ethereum Geth dev

Ethereum DEVnet - one node, automatic address generation, genesis block setup + mining script ~160MB

Shell CoffeeScript

Parity Web3 sample repo

Parity Dev chain hello world sample /w web3 v1 beta

web3 ethereum demo js node JavaScript

EM WS Unity proxy

a ruby websocket proxy sample app/implementation

Ruby Shell

Try Ruby ETH

ruby-eth hello world


Parity stable Docker

Docker automated build containing a quite light debian based container with parity installed, compiled from source

docker parity shell container

Docker Roda

Sample docker-enabled ruby (Roda) app as base for a JSON API.

Ruby Shell

Pool sur ETH

PoolSurETH is a Decentralized Insurance Configurator applied to any travel field (flights, trains, cruises etc...)

Ruby JavaScript

Docker UI

Docker UI playground - status: alpha - just exploring ruby docker-api building a basic sinatra frontend for it

Ruby CSS


Bitcoin Core conf file generator for connecting to a "big" number of core nodes



Ruby Script/Task to provision a remote Ubuntu 17.04 Server / VM with ruby (2.3), nodejs (8), nginx, passenger...


CC menubar

Crypto Currency Menubar built in Electron.js in ~50 LOC

Python JavaScript

Esk8 calc

(DIY) Electric Skateboard Calculator Tool


Op return bcyp

Ruby Library to get the OP_RETURN data of all the latest transactions submitted by a particular bitcoin address - blockcypher 3rd party impl.

Ruby Shell

Blockchain pen

Check the new repo:

Ruby CSS

Blockchain pen

BlockchainPen - a web app for writing messages to the blockchain.

CoffeeScript CSS

Sequel kv

Ruby Shell

RediJSON models

Document-like ORM based on Redis key value store - uses Redis Re-JSON for full json manipulation


Redis reJSON rb

Redis ReJSON (v4 Module - json manipulation) adapter for Ruby's Redis-rb - WIP

Ruby Shell


Blockchain Block explorer in ruby using Bitcoin Core's RPC API (status: alpha development)

Ruby CSS

Ruby 2.3 container

Fork of the original ruby 2.3 container from Dockerhub - changed to use Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) instead of Debian Jessie

ruby docker xenial ubuntu ubuntu1604

Redichain web base container

Base docker container for Redichain Web app


Smash old fashioned HTTP downloaders! Thor agrees!

Ruby CSS

Bitcoin exchange

Old project - not finished (UI & routes done - order processing is missing) - see newer projects in



Bitcoin Paper Key generator - using a thermal USB printer and a basic linux box (like a Rrasp. PI) - Paper Wallet Generator

paper-wallets raspberry-pi bitcoin linux cold-storage Ruby

Docker container templates

Docker container templates (various) - my favourite:

Python Shell

Try Twilio sms

Ruby class that sends an SMS message with twilio (code sample)

twilio api sms Ruby

Mkv TheGrid

status: WIP --- TheGrid shell command to upload to thegrid

Ruby CoffeeScript

React Redux Rollup boilerplate

Simple(st?) Redux+React boilerplate with Rollup - livereloads in sub-second time

Ruby JavaScript


status: WIP - Memory game based on Bitcoin Mnemonic seed keys

Ruby JavaScript

Blockchain container Ethereum Bapp

Base Bapp2 Base Ethereum Docker Container - Provides the required Tools (geth, solc, parity)

Ruby Shell

Blockchain container Ethereum

Base Bapp2 Base Ethereum Docker Container - Provides the required Tools (geth, solc, parity)

Ruby Shell

Blockchain container Bitcoin

Bitcoind + btcd + bcoin docker container

Shell Ruby

Ruby Docker volumes

Docker setup of Ruby /w docker volumes (+ compose)


Opal Bitcore

Use bitcore-lib via Ruby (thanks to Opal)


IPFS on the Go

Sample IPFS upload mobile app made with Jasonette - STATUS: incomplete

ipfs jasonette demo mobile-app Ruby


basic ( but effective :D ) calls to ipfs via ruby (and bash)


Jasonette Roda app

Jasonette server based roda app sample code --- contains multiple jasonette sample apps -- sample:

Ruby Shell

Blockchain container

Base Bapp2 Base Blockchain Docker Container - Provides the required Tools (geth, solc, parity)

Ruby Shell

B record

Blockchain Music Authoring Tool - status: not finished - check blockchain-pen

Ruby CSS

Jasonette template coffeescript

easily define apps with coffeescript - jasonette-template-coffeescript is a simple example

Ob recovery

Openbazaar london hackathon entry - bitcoin app recovery mechanism based on a recovery address + op return one time tokens #otp

openbazaar op-return hackathon Ruby JavaScript

Blockchain contract

Simple JSON Contracts on the Bitcoin Blockchain using OP_RETURN


VESC logged data overlay

Vesc Data Overlay - Ruby + SDL2 - runs an SDL realtime chart based on VESC logged data (see makevoid/VESC_Logger) and use a screen recorder (ffmpeg) to record a video of your VESC log (JSON time stream)

Ruby Shell

Paperbank pocket

Paper wallets / keychains using a Pocket Photo printer

JavaScript HTML

Try Bulma

Trying Bulma CSS flexbox-based framework


Esk8 config

Electric Skateboard VESC (open hardware electric speed controller) XML config tool as a Ruby frontend app (Inesita + Opal)


Ruby CLI program

boilerplate/example of a ruby CLI program

Ruby Shell


port github:makevoid/rtextmagic to go as go modified example (text hello world)

Shell Go


Electric skateboard build n2 - check esk8 builders forum

Makevoid site old

Check my repos: -

Ruby CoffeeScript


Play songs from an S3 Bucket [js, clientside, emberjs] (made in 2012) - see the current version at

Ruby JavaScript

Try Inesita 04



small library to use redis as JSON datastore for objects (serialized in json via Oj)

redis json serializer db library lib Ruby

Roda HAML boilerplate

simple Roda + Haml boilerplate app to quick-start your roda, view based apps - check the latest css based one >>>

Ruby CSS

S3 play v2 - next version - in React JS (+ redux trimmed down version), new UI, component based app - TODO: update name into S3Play-next - TODO: deploy to next. - FORKS: %w( ) -> if deployed, check here

Ruby JavaScript


Basic ORM for Redis key/value store - ruby/redis project of mine done in 2009


Try Bitcore p2p

Shell CoffeeScript


Playing with ethereum-ruby - Rubeth is a simple wrapper around it - feel free to modify it

Ruby Shell

Parity poa Docker container

Shell JavaScript

Ruby coffee Docker container

Docker ruby 2.3 cointainer /w coffeescript - status: outdated

Ruby Docker container

This image / Dockerfile contains ruby2.3 on debian 8, it is a basic image for ruby app development

Ruby Shell

Ruby 2 3 container

Ruby 2.3.1 compiled from source (docker container)

Shell Ruby

Docker Ruby

Docker ruby 2.3 cointainer - status: outdated

Ethereum Geth dev Solc

Shell CoffeeScript

Ethereum Geth dev alpha

Shell CoffeeScript

Ethereum Geth dev ipc root

Ethereum DEVnet container - IPC version - uses a named volume to share the geth.ipc file/stream

Shell CoffeeScript


Brainwallet Private Key Image based Keyboard / Input Generator


Web3 Go

Interact with Geth via the JSON RPC API with Golang - very early stage

Go JavaScript

Simple storage.sol

Example of how to embed an Ethereum Solidity Smart-Contract into an NPM module

Bitcoin api light

bitcoin light-client API using and Blockcypher

JavaScript Shell


Simple deploy tool with an UI


Sinatra sse example

Sinatra example using EventSource (Server Sent Events)


Try Clef

Clef example Sinatra app setup -- demo:


Bitcoin client.js

Bitcoin super-thin client based on Bitcoin Core


Try bigchaindb

Trying bigchaindb

Ruby Shell


Solether website and project infos

Ruby CSS

Try TlsNotary

trying the tls notary python api

CoffeeScript Ruby

Azure linux vm

Spawn a Linux VM on Azure With the click of a button - tutorial repo


Ring open uri

Ring OpenURI ruby (simplest example - with meta refresh) - for Logbar Ring

Ruby JavaScript


A small list of selected open source projects I'm working on.

projects-list markdown

Try Clearwater

Clearwater ruby opal based frontend framework boilerplate

Ruby CSS

Bitstamp CLI

A script to check your Bitstap open orders via CLI, place a buy order, a sell order or cancel an existing one.

Ruby Shell

Asciidoctor Packt

fork of gregturn's asciidoctor-packt

Shell HTML

Bitcoinbook Transifex build

Renders HTML/PDF files of the latest Mastering Bitcoin book version currently on Transifex (translations)



A simple one route mail sending API to power JS based a contact form


Tallysticks Unbound

Tallysticks - Barclays API integration code - winner of Unbound Hackathon London 2015

Ruby CSS

Guard concat

This little guard plugin allows you to concatenate js/css (or other) files in one.

Ruby JavaScript


Simple example bitcoin faucet using bitcoin core json rpc api (this project is not-complete)


3 d sketches

Some 3D sketches like the Ethereum logo STL 3D printable file:

Bit nfc reactive

BitNFC written in inesita - this app is used as a base of an app in poc stage so expect also as a boilerplate for a Inesita soon