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Open Source projects (latest)

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Bitstamp binance dashboard

Bitstamp & Binance Dashboard to show your crypto balances across the two exchanges nicely in a single screen

Dockerfile Ruby

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Roda HAML boilerplate Bulma

Roda HAML boilerplate with bulma.css

Ruby CSS

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Covid stats

Simple covid stats maps - data from

ruby covid-19 covid-data maps visualization covid Dockerfile Ruby

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Threejs example 2011

ThreeJS coffeescript code from 2011, still works, recently updated just because...

Ruby Shell

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Roda HAML boilerplate

simple Roda + Haml boilerplate app to quick-start your roda, view based apps - check the latest css based one >>>

Ruby CSS

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Try hanami api

Sample Hanami::API app - tries to show how easy it is to achieve a very performant API application with very little code.

Dockerfile Ruby

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Sinatra forum

Sinatra Forum (DataMapper, Haml, SASS, CoffeeScript) - coded in 2012

sinatra-forum datamapper sinatra ruby sql coffeescript forum-platform forum-software css 2012 CoffeeScript JavaScript


Blockchain Block explorer in ruby using Bitcoin Core's RPC API (status: MVP)

explorer bitcoin ruby bitcoin-core bitcoin-core-rpc Ruby CSS


github readme profile

Nft trait stats

Opensea NFT traits / stats analyzer - status: early stage

Ruby Python

Ruby project template

Standard ruby app project template


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Makevoid site

Coder "portfolio" site based on github graphql api

portfolio coder coding cv personal-site youtube github profile github-profile github-pages Ruby CSS

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Bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin/Crypto exchange prototype project written in ruby / sinatra in 2014 - Status: UI & routes done - full order matching is not complete

bitcoin-exchange bitcoind poc ruby redis limit-order orderbook haml fast sinatra Ruby CoffeeScript

Comma api rb

Query the Comma and Athena (device) API via Ruby - status: WIP - #api-client #openpilot

openpilot comma-api ruby api api-client Ruby HTML

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Discord cheapETH price bot

Discord price bot - prints cheapeth price in $ into a discord channel

eth ethereum cheapeth cth web3 javascript ruby discord bot discord-bot Ruby Shell

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Op return.js

OP Return example using JS, bitcore-lib and - Timestamp a digital signature or fingerprint an OP_RETURN transaction on the bitcoin blockchain - status: WIP

JavaScript Dockerfile

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Blockchain info api basic

Simple API around to: get address balance, get UTXOs, and push transactions.

HTML Shell

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Electron desktop tiktok app prototype

electron tiktok tiktok-scraper javascript nodejs browser linux windows macos Ruby HTML

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Prototype of an OpenPilot EON dahsboard/companion application in cordova - WIP


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Xdai wallet

xDai Ethereum Wallet

Shell Ruby

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Ethereum keychain

status: prototype - Ethereum wallet js lib based on bitcoinjslib keys and bip39

JavaScript Shell

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Bitcoin wallet

WIP - Prototype for a LN Bitcoin wallet (LND frontend) for Android built using HTML5/JS - status: alpha, early stage

Shell CSS

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Blockchain pen

BlockchainPen - a web app for writing immutable messages to the blockchain.

blockchain-pen blockchain transaction eternitywall bitcore-lib bitcoin messages immutable immutable-messages public-ledger CSS HTML

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Bitcoin keychain

BitcoinJS Keychain (Wallet) based on bitcoinjs-lib --- supports segwit addresses and transactions

JavaScript HTML

Ring open uri demo

Ring OpenURI ruby sample code to open a browser via a gesture with Logbar Ring

ruby logbar-ring ring gestures demo sample-app Ruby JavaScript

Ob recovery

Openbazaar london hackathon entry - bitcoin app recovery mechanism based on a recovery address + op return one time tokens #otp

openbazaar op-return hackathon Ruby JavaScript


Deploy and manage multiple apps from a single UI - features google auth and custom tasks (reinstall gem/npm/bower, db migration) - status: MVP - coded in 2015

deploy tool google-auth task-runner ui mvp ruby roda migrate-database execute-tasks Ruby HTML

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year 2000 - TPB minimal gui with default sorting

thorrents torrents proxy 2012 duckduckgo inactive Ruby CSS

Bip38 decrypt

Command line utility to decrypt a BIP38 (encrypted) private key.

bitcoin js nodejs bip38 private-keys encryption cli JavaScript

3d printed nfc Bitcoins

3D Printed NFC Bitcoins

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Autotrader query

Query the autotrader "API"

Ruby Shell

Ethereum Geth dev ipc root

Ethereum DEVnet container - IPC version - uses a named volume to share the geth.ipc file/stream

Shell CoffeeScript

Sinatra sse example

Sinatra example using EventSource (Server Sent Events)


Opensea images downloader

Script to download all the images from an opensea collection using the OpenSea API

nft opensea opensea-api excon ethereum digital-art Ruby Dockerfile


IoT project for an autonomous entity solar charger - SolETHer - Blockchain RS Components London IoT hackathon winner

iot arduino hackathon webapp ethereum intel-edison solar-panel solar-charger Ruby CSS

Web3 proxy

JSON RPC Proxy to evade cors (meant to proxy web3 requests)


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Bitcore lib tutorial

Bitcoin Private Key Generation and Transaction Creation and Submission tutorial using bitcore-lib

bitcore-lib bitcoin bitcoin-transaction utxo tutorial crypto sample-code example bitcore bitcoin-sample-code JavaScript Ruby

Try stomp

Try ActiveMQ Stomp using nodejs (AWS managed MQ)



RJS - RubyJS - Examples on how to write JS* in Ruby - RJS is a valid ruby dialect which resembles JS


Node container

good starting / base / boilerplate dockerfile - dockerize your node app easily


Blockchains list

Personal list about Blockchains

BTCusd resistance lines

Automatically find resistance lines in BTCUSD pricing trading data using Meanshift Clustering

HTML Python

Discord daoc phoenix bot

Discord Bot that integrates with the DAOC Phoenix freeshard Herald (lang: ruby, status: prototype)

discord ruby bot daoc daoc-phoenix Ruby Shell

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K3s deploy

Setup a K3S cluster with one master and two workers on 3 VMs on AWS Lightsail - STATUS: WIP


Bitcoin wp

mirror of the bitcoin whitepaper -

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Flask todo app

Sample To-do list application featuring Flask, redis, json. haml and vanilla js.

Python CSS

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Fastapi todo app

Sample To-do list application featuring FastAPI, redis, json. haml and vanilla js

Dockerfile Python

Spark ar scripts

Spark AR scripts (javascripts) for effect projects based on them


Spark ar projects

I'm open sourcing my Spark AR projects so that you can use them as a base/reference for your AR effects!


Vr blockchain explorer

Unity VR Bitcoin Blockchain explorer example project (status: prototype) - VR target: Oculus Rift (devkit 1)

C# JavaScript

Libra explorer

status: libra gopher-js playground :D this project wants to be a real explorer at some point


Bitcoin keychain rb

project status: alpha / prototype


ETH basic auth

Ethereum node setup behind nginx basic auth, interact with your public ethereum node easily! - parity light client mode


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Notify slack

Ruby Dockerfile

Repository Screenshot

Sequel kv

Simple key-value store on top of the Sequel ruby query builder library

Ruby Shell

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Azure terraform swarm template

Docker Swarm terraform configuration on azure

Ruby HCL

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Terraform ec2 Docker swarm

Docker Swarm terraform infrastructure on aws

terraform docker-swarm docker aws ec2 stack cluster automation devops Ruby HCL

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Hardhat react boilerplate

Playing with hardhat-react boilerplate - currently adding a ERC20 Token management / wallet sample UI

Solidity TypeScript

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Twilio sms sample

Ruby class that sends an SMS message with twilio (code sample)

twilio api sms Ruby

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Stonks alert

Stock and crypto alerts SMS app

ruby stonks stocks crypto alert sms twilio twilio-sms sms-alert bot Ruby CSS

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Centex market taker bot

Simple market taker bot that trades on the Centex crypto exchange

market-taker-bot exchange bot centex-api centex ruby automation market-taker trading-bot Ruby

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CheapETH wallet hardhat

cheapETH sample wallet using hardhat

eth cheapeth hardhat hardhat-node cth ethereum web3 ethers ethers-js react Solidity TypeScript

Nginx monitoring

Dockerfile Ruby

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CheapETH transaction Web3

cheapETH transaction example using web3 and a wrapper library

javascript web3 eth cth cheapeth ethereum ethdev ethereum-development ethereum-code-sample eth-transactions JavaScript

Pancakebunny bot


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Datadog vm monitors

Programmatically set up Datadog VM Monitors

datadog vm virtual-machine monitoring alerts dashboard Ruby

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Ml chef terraform

Chef + Terraform AWS ML Setup

terraform aws docker machine-learning stylegan2 stylegan2-ada HCL Ruby

Cryptowatch HTML chart EMbeds

Cryptowatch Chart embeds example configuration - 3d / 4h - track 3 coins (btc, eth, ...)


Ai overflow

GPT3-based Stackoverflow-like platform - powered by OpenAI Codex

stackoverflow ruby openai codex openai-codex stackoverflow-clone gpt3 machine-learning Ruby Haml

Stylegan3 manager

StyleGAN3 Manager - StyleGAN3 training automation and management


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Redis reJSON models

Document-like ORM based on Redis key value store - uses Redis Re-JSON for full json manipulation

redis json re-json orm key-value-store ruby Ruby


Ethereum vanity address "generator" written in golang.

vanity-addresses ethereum cli golang Go Dockerfile

Bitcoin address watcher

Bitcoin address watcher // transaction notifier - receive a push notification when you receive a transaction

bitcoin tx-notifier notifier ruby notification loop blockcypher block-explorer transactions Ruby Dockerfile

Kube podwatch

Use the Kubernetes Server API to watch pods and send custom alerts to Slack (e.g. when a new pod is restarted)


Ai poet ita

AI Poet - language: Italian - GPT3 - OpenAI Davinci

Dockerfile Ruby


Curlr - CLI tool to "curl" sample project I made in 2014


Repository Screenshot

Try deno

trying deno - code sample - get the latest eth mainnet block number - dockerized

deno eth mainnet docker-compose docker sample code-sample boilerplate dinatra sinatra Dockerfile TypeScript

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Ethereum Geth dev

Ethereum DEVnet - one node, automatic address generation, genesis block setup + mining script ~160MB

Shell CoffeeScript

Geth priv pub net

Docker-compose based Ethereum Network set up as a private network with nodes connecting to each other via the public internet proxied via nginx.

Dockerfile JavaScript

Redis reJSON

Redis ReJSON adapter for Redis-rb - status: beta release

redis json re-json database data-store ruby redis-v4 redis-modules rejson gem Ruby Shell


Bitcoin Paper Key generator - using a thermal USB printer and a basic linux box (like a Rrasp. PI) - Paper Wallet Generator

paper-wallets raspberry-pi bitcoin linux cold-storage Ruby

Swipey image gallery

A project I did in 2013, it's a phone/tablet-ready web image gallery built using coffeescript and jquery - the best tools available at that time :)

javascript gallery web touch-ready touch-api multitouch-api swipe-effect photo-gallery vanilla-js vanila-javascript Ruby CoffeeScript


Neat way of loading hashes into objects automatically! Cleaner / micro-gem alternative to hashie/mhash - year 2013


Autotrader scraper youtube

Episode 2 of makevoid's youtube series on programming (openpilot and blockchain)



status: prototype - Memory game based on Bitcoin Mnemonic seed keys

Ruby JavaScript

Esk8 calc

(DIY) Electric Skateboard Calculator Tool


Try ETHworks Ethereum rb

Ruby Dockerfile

Nginx proxy

Simple entry-point nginx proxy - Configure it via a single environment variable

HTML Shell

Ruby coffee Docker container

Docker ruby 2.3 cointainer /w coffeescript - status: recently-bumped


Ruby 2.x container

Fork of the original ruby 2.x container from Dockerhub - on Ubuntu Cosmic (18.10) - good for starting, but I suggest to use alpine for package size

ruby docker xenial ubuntu ubuntu1604 Dockerfile

ETH sweep tool

Sweep all the Ethereum addresses balances imported from a 12 words mnemonic - Status: Alpha - Refactoring is needed


ETH parity simplestorage

Example using parity locally to deploy and use a simple-storage (hello world) Ethereum contract.

Shell JavaScript

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